Sacroiliac Joint (SI Joint) Treatment in Burlington

Our Burlington Chiropractor Can Treat Your SI Joint Pain

The sacroiliac joints serve as the connection points between the lower part of the spine (sacrum) and the pelvis, consisting of two joints—one on each side—secured by ligaments that bind the bones together.

Diagnosing sacroiliac joint pain proves challenging due to the potential overlap of symptoms with other conditions. Typically, this pain is localized in the lower back and buttock but can also extend into the thigh and leg. If numbness, tingling, or weakness is present, considering an alternative diagnosis is advisable. Activities like prolonged sitting or standing, standing on one leg, climbing stairs, transitioning from sitting to standing, and running can exacerbate sacroiliac pain. Our chiropractor at Headon Chiropractic Wellness Centre treats patients with sacroiliac (SI joint) pain to get them back to full health.

Causes of Sacroiliac Joint Pain:

Sacroiliac pain can arise from a variety of factors, underscoring the diverse nature of its origins. Possible triggers include arthritis, injuries resulting from trauma, experiences during pregnancy and post-partum periods, systemic inflammatory conditions, and infections. Additionally, considerations should extend to potential contributors like spinal scoliosis, variations in leg length, and a history of lumbar spine fusion. It’s worth noting that, on occasions, the root cause of sacroiliac pain remains elusive, presenting a diagnostic puzzle.

How We Treat SI Joint Pain in Burlington

Chiropractors play a pivotal role in addressing SI joint pain by targeting its root cause rather than merely alleviating symptoms. Their approach involves identifying the source of pain, such as detecting misalignment in the pelvis. Employing manual therapy, commonly known as chiropractic adjustments, our chiropractor works to realign your hips, pelvis, and spine. In addition, a tailored physical therapy and rehabilitation plan may be devised to fortify the muscles surrounding the SI joint, reducing its susceptibility to future injuries. This comprehensive approach aims not only to relieve immediate discomfort but also to enhance your flexibility, mobility, and coordination in the long term.

Suffering from sacroiliac joint pain is a common experience with diverse presentations, significantly impacting your quality of life. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate this challenge alone. Our Burlington chiropractor offers a range of effective treatment options tailored to address SI joint pain. Emphasizing a natural, drug-free approach, chiropractors not only alleviate immediate symptoms but also help mitigate potential complications and side effects associated with the treatment process. Trusting in chiropractic care provides a holistic solution to manage and improve your overall well-being.

If you are experiencing SI joint pain in Burlington, request an appointment with our chiropractor so we can treat your pain and get you back to full health!

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