Burlington Chiropractor Questions (FAQs)

Every day we hear questions like, “Who is the best chiropractor Burlington has to offer?” and “Does chiropractic really work?” On this page we answer some of the most common questions we get about chiropractic treatment and how it can play a part in your health journey.

When you experience a spinal subluxation (misalignment of spinal vertebrae), the communication between your brain and the nerves throughout your body is disrupted, leading to discomfort, dysfunction, and adverse effects on your overall health. Chiropractors address this issue by applying hands-on pressure to adjust the vertebrae, returning them to their proper position and alleviating pain.
Absolutely! Chiropractic treatment is a secure choice for preventing, treating, and managing musculoskeletal and related systems in your body. Our Burlington chiropractor always conduct thorough screenings, examinations, and reviews of patients’ health records to avoid potential complications and customize adjustments based on individual needs.
Spinal misalignment and interference with the nervous system can occur at any age, starting from birth. From challenging delivery processes to childhood falls, postural changes from mobile devices, sports injuries, and emotional stress, chiropractic treatment proves beneficial for patients of all ages. While our chiropractors employ diverse techniques for different age groups, the core principle remains consistent – maintaining your spine’s alignment for a long and healthy life!
There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as various factors come into play, including the severity of any existing injuries, your age, and overall health. Some patients experience immediate pain relief, while others may take weeks or even months.
It’s like asking, “Do I still need to exercise once I’m in shape?” Absolutely! The demands and activities of daily life can disrupt your spine’s proper alignment, making regular adjustments crucial for maintaining overall health.

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