Our Burlington Clinic’s Services

Chiropractor Burlington

Chiropractic care in Burlington covers the identification, treatment, and prevention of mechanical issues related to your muscles, bones, and nerves, and how these problems can affect your overall health. Our chiropractor fixes subluxations through manual adjustments, which help your body’s natural ability to heal itself. We focus on hands-on therapy, including adjusting your spine and joints, releasing tension in your muscles, and using other techniques when necessary. We will assess your posture, look for symmetry, assess alignment, balance & movement. If you’re dealing with pain, especially in your neck or back in Burlington, give us a call today! Learn more about our Burlington Chiropractor.

Burlington Physiotherapy

Headon Physiotherapy’s mission is to provide the highest quality of care by combining a compassionate, caring team with the latest medical evidence to ensure you are receiving the most effective treatment possible. Our team is 100% committed to working with you to help you along your healthcare journey. Learn more about Headon Physiotherapy at headonphysiotherapy.ca

Massage Therapy Burlington

Our Burlington Massage Therapy Team is skilled in Swedish massage, deep tissue, and trigger-point techniques to address various conditions. While we can bill most insurance plans directly, some providers may require a Medical Doctor’s note for direct billing. Kindly reach out to your insurance company to determine if a Medical Doctor’s note is necessary for claiming massage benefits through your plan. For additional details on Burlington massage therapy, feel free to explore.